Kim Mara Müller

International ASCB accreditation for the DTMD University

  DTMD University certified in the USA   Wiltz, 30.11.2020. The US-American ASCB certification service (Accreditation Service for Certifying Bodies), member of the “Global Accreditation Forum (GAF)”, has accredited DTMD University as a continuing education institute. Prof. Dr. André Reuter, President of DTMD University for Digital Technologies in Medicine and Dentistry, comments: “We are very pleased about the ASCB accreditation, which confirms the high quality standards of our Master’s programs. It adds DTMD University and its degrees to the International…

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Bone-Borne Expansion Webinar 

Webinar Bone-Borne Expansion    James Roblee, one of the excellent speakers worldwide, will introduce the topic of bone-borne expansion in a 2-hour webinar exclusively for DTMD University.   A lot has happened in the field of palatal expansion. The roof of the oral cavity is also the floor of the nose.  As a result, we can also influence the ventilation of the nose through this technique. This is an important issue for children in growth and development, but also for…

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Corona changes the qualification profile of jobs Continuing professional development

  Corona changes the qualification profile of jobs Continuing professional development     Wiltz Castle, 30.12.2020   The pandemic is shifting the need for competencies, skill, and ability. This is shown by several studies of the impact of Corona on the skills profile of employees and the self-employed in the EU. Accordingly, the requirements for continuing professional development are changing.   Corona is changing the skills profile of jobs, according to Cedefop, the European Centre for the Development of Vocational…

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European Competence Centre for digital preservation and conservation

  European Competence Centre for digital preservation and conservation of cultural heritage and projects supporting digital innovation in schools     Wiltz Castle, 20.01.2021   The EU Commission is establishing a center for the digital preservation and conservation of Europe’s cultural heritage. In doing so, it is responding to the demand in the information age to give greater priority to the digital availability of cultural assets alongside the physical collection and preservation of individual objects in museums, collections and archives.…

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Digitalisierung Welt

Digitization in Dentistry

  Chateau Wiltz, 22. January 2021   Digitization in dentistry Not a hype, but a guarantee for future security   Digitization in dentistry is not a hype or a temporary phenomenon. Rather, it is increasingly penetrating dental practices and dental clinics and faculties. The speed at which digitization is transforming processes, but also the organization, has the potential to revolutionize the future of dentistry.   The digitalization progress has picked up in speed in the last three years and will…

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