Webinar Bone-Borne Expansion 


James Roblee, one of the excellent speakers worldwide, will introduce the topic of bone-borne expansion in a 2-hour webinar exclusively for DTMD University.


A lot has happened in the field of palatal expansion. The roof of the oral cavity is also the floor of the nose.  As a result, we can also influence the ventilation of the nose through this technique. This is an important issue for children in growth and development, but also for adults when it comes to the issue of obstructive sleep disorders.

Anyone working with aligners needs to know what is indicated and possible in the field of palatal expansion today – James Roblee will give an overview of the topic:

Bone-Borne Expanders have changed the landscape for dentists and dental specialists.


James Roblee: In this lecture I will be covering the following topics:.

– What is bone-borne expansion?

– Review different types of bone-borne expanders

– Age range and patient selection

– Protocols

– Complications and patient management

– Clinical Examples


Webinar Language: English

Date: 26.02.2021 19:00 – 21:00

Speaker: Dr. James D. Roblee (Fayetteville Arkansas / USA)

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