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Appointment of new professors and establishment of affiliated institutes

As part of an internal academic semester-end celebration on Saturday, 21 July 2018, DTMD University appointed ten (10) new professors on its campus in Schoss Wiltz, including the following Venia: General Management, Health and Nursing Management, Digital Dental Technologies, Interdisciplinary Oral Surgery, Implantology, Manual Medicine and Nuclear Medical Pain Therapy, Strategic Innovation and Quality Management, and Practical Business Management in Health Care. In addition, the Executive Committee of DTMD University announced the foundation and establishment of four (4) new legally…

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DTMD University starts first master‘s program in
“Implantology and Periodontology” in Poland

Thursday, June 21th 2018 was the beginning of the first master ‘s course in “Implantology and Periodontology“ of the DTMD University with attending master students from Poland. The first basis module “Basics of dental anatomy & science“ took place at the anatomical institute of the Johannes-Gutenberg-University in Mainz. Therewith the DTMD underlines its European standard of giving lectures and practical lessons in several European countries. That is why the polish Master’s course “Implantology and Periodontology“ takes place in Poland, Germany…

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