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Application for enrollment in the part-time doctoral program at DTMD University for Digital Technologies in Medicine and Dentistry.
Subject to the terms and conditions of DTMD University, I hereby apply for enrollment in the degree program listed below.
By submitting this application, I am requesting enrollment at DTMD University for the above degree program.
After a review of your documents you will receive a confirmation or rejection, only after receiving a confirmation and the payment of the 1st installment you are fully enrolled.
With my registration I assure that I will fill in / have filled in all the following information completely and truthfully to the best of my knowledge and belief. I understand and agree that if I provide incomplete or even false information, the DTMD University Examination Office may invalidate my enrollment and, in accordance with the respective examination regulations, the result of individual examination, module or even the overall performance (degree, title). This includes my obligation to reimburse those costs incurred by DTMD University as a result of my misconduct.
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