Wiltz, the 26.02,2019

"Our postgraduate part-time Master's program in Periodontology and Implantology in Warsaw has met with a very positive response," says Prof. Dr. Ata Anil, Vice Dean of International Studies at DTMD University for Digital Technologies in Medici-ne and Dentistry. He continues: "We know from numerous discussions with students and medical decision-makers that postgraduate training and further education are very important for Poland".

The positive experience with the current Master's program is an excellent basis for DTMD University to start another program in orthodontics. DTMD's local partner is Anna Maria Waracka, Manager for Educational Services at Viridi Linea Orthodontic Courses, with extensive experience in the "postgraduate" field, especially in orthodontics.

The events of the Master's program will take place mainly in Warsaw. The hands-on modules with practical exercises will be held in Frankfurt (Germany) as well as in Warsaw. The last module and the final exam will be held at the DTMD University in Schloss Wiltz in Luxembourg.

Prof. Anil continued: "We are very pleased that Prof. Dr. Martin Sander, a proven specialist in orthodontics, Prof. Dr. H.P. Bantleon (Vienna) and Prof. Dr. A. Crismani (Inns-bruck) will design this Master's programme in orthodontics". DTMD University expects that many dentists will apply for the new Master's courses, as there is a great demand for postgraduate training in this field of dentistry. Above all, the integration of internationally top-class lecturers is a good basis for ensuring high-quality training.

In addition to the classic treatment options in orthodontics, the curriculum also includes new technological developments such as computer-controlled patient evaluation and treatment planning.