Thursday, June 21th 2018 was the beginning of the first master ‘s course in “Implantology and Periodontology“ of the DTMD University with attending master students from Poland. The first basis module “Basics of dental anatomy & science“ took place at the anatomical institute of the Johannes-Gutenberg-University in Mainz.

Therewith the DTMD underlines its European standard of giving lectures and practical lessons in several European countries. That is why the polish Master’s course “Implantology and Periodontology“ takes place in Poland, Germany and Luxembourg. Here, in the castle of Wiltz, which is he seat of the DTMD university the Master students will present and defend their theses in a colloquium.

Wiltz Castle, seat of the DTMD University

Wiltz Castle, seat of the DTMD University


The two lecturers of the first basis module, Prof. Dr. Daniel Grubeanu, co-founder of the DTMD University, and Dr. Mohr introduced the students to the different preparation techniques of the intraoral anatomy. Regarding the clinical experience of the colleagues such as the opportunity of practicing on human heads is an excellent training for the live situation“ at the practice.


Prof. Dr. Daniel Grubeanu giving practical lessons on human heads

Master students using different operation techniques on human heads.

Master students with the lecturer Prof. Dr. Daniel Grubeanu


The second basis module "Treatment concepts in implantology & periodontology" took place on the following three days in the premises of the Association of Dentists of Rheinland-Pfalz in Mainz. Prof. Dr. Ata Anil, Vice-Dean "International Studies" at DTMD, Dr. Jan Behring and private lecturer Dr. Moritz Kebschull were discussing modern treatment concepts there. Furthermore the topics "scientific work" and "Writing a master thesis" were intensively discussed and practiced.


By writing the master thesis the students are supposed to prove their ability of autonomously solving a problem in the field of implantology and/or periodontology using scientific methods, given a deadline.

Master students of the DTMD University and Dr. Ata Anil in the premises of the Association of Dentists of Rheinland-Pfalz in Mainz.

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