Dentomaxillofacial Imaging

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Dentomaxillofacial Imaging

The most important information about the "Dentomaxillofacial Imaging" master's program

Name Dentomaxillofacial Imaging
Academic degree Master of Science (MSc)
Language English
Duration 4 semesters
Credit Points 120
Model Part-time postgraduate university study program
Degree Master thesis and oral colloquium
Number of modules 13
Start / Place of study Winter Semester 24 (Q3 24) in Freiburg (Germany)
Admission requirements License to practice medicine and several years of professional experience
Tuition € 29.500
Payment modalities Single payment or 4 partial payments

About the program

Dentomaxillofacial imaging has developed rapidly over the last two decades, especially in the technological sector. Moreover, it has become one of the most important building blocks of the digital workflow and is indispensable for adequate patient care.

Nevertheless, a lack of adaptation on the part of the training of students and users can be observed. The resulting discrepancy between established knowledge and required know-how poses a major threat to patients, physicians and dentists, medical and dental assistants and, last but not least, the industry.

We have to face this challenge and have therefore developed a study program of absolutely high quality and unique in Europe, which our excellent speakers will fill with life.

Only through targeted education and training of all those involved in the diagnostic and therapeutic process can the implementation of both the technically possible solutions and the specifications defined by EURATOM, for example, succeed. This goal will be achieved through the implementation of the Master's Degree in Dentomaxillofacial Imaging.

Safety in the diagnostic-therapeutic context can only be realized by a network of specialized users - the foundations for this pan-European network will be laid by our Master's program.

In order to ensure a high level of learning success and individual support for the participants, limited group sizes are provided for all lectures, seminars and practical exercises. If the minimum number of participants of 15 is not reached, events can be postponed for a maximum of two semesters. The registered participants will be informed in time.

Lecturers of this master program