Luxembourg/Wiltz, the 31.03.2020

Prof. Dr. Ralf Rössler, Dean at DTMD University

Prof. Dr. Ralf Rössler, Dean at DTMD University

The coronavirus also turns almost everything upside down in university teaching and research. This also applies to the extra-occupational postgraduate courses and studies at the DTMD University for Digital Technologies in Medicine and Dentistry. Prof. Dr. Ralf Rössler, Dean at DTMD University: "Against the background of Europe-wide closures of educational institutions and universities, tele-teaching is the order of the day. The educational collapse can only be avoided digitally".

DTMD University is one of the first universities to use the term "digital" in its name. It is the declared target of the university, and here above all of the directors of studies and lecturers, to virtualize the transfer of information, skills and competencies and thus to turn knowledge transfer and learning into digital. The aim is to prepare students optimally for the new flexibility and mobility in digital environments. Rössler continues: "We see the corona crisis as an opportunity to immediately enter into a comprehensive real-world experiment and to implement a variety of new and, above all, practice-oriented learning opportunities. In this context, the focus on action competence should be taken into account even more than before. This means first and foremost to create a role understanding adapted to the digital transformation and a new teaching and learning culture.

With its postgraduate "Master Courses" and the "Master Degree Programs", DTMD University is breaking new ground in order to meet the students' needs in terms of time management, the regional nature of training opportunities and their implementation in everyday practice and to guarantee the unrestricted studyability of DTMD programs. What is new here is that not only the theoretical content is offered "online". The "practical" training courses can also be carried out under supervision and "live" communication with the supervising lecturer in the own practice of the student. This gives students the opportunity to repeat "practical" modules of DTMD University's master courses and master's degree programs at any time.

Rössler emphasizes that "postgraduate" medical master's studies and courses must have a strong "practical" orientation. However, this is often disabled due to the lack of temporal and geographical mobility of the students, since the training units necessarily require their physical presence. This is not the case with DTMD University, which, together with a specialized partner, has developed innovative digital models that can be used very efficiently and practically in home training. They offer an almost "one to one" training opportunity that is very close to the live situation. The DTMD Dean continues: "In future, the ratio of online to presence modules will be in the range of 10 to 4. In medicine and dentistry, we often need purely "manual" skills. We practice this in the classroom modules of our high-end courses.

DTMD University uses Microsoft's powerful hybrid cloud as the basis for its new applications. This ensures a one-time log-in to local and cloud apps from almost any location via "Azure Active Directory". This also applies to the LMS (Learning Management System), which supports convenient administration of a consistent group of user identities and thus the constitution of closed user groups. DTMD University attaches great importance to having secure storage capacities and computing power available exclusively in Europe.