After the DTMD University for Digital Technologies in Medicine and Dentistry, located in Schloss Wiltz, announced and launched its first part-time postgraduate master programs in periodontology, implantology and orthodontics, the available space for administrative resources quickly became too limited.

DTMD University has therefore expanded its contract with campus management in the Luxembourg Ardennes town of Wiltz to include additional office space in the administrative wing of the castle. Louis Robert, President of Campus Wiltz, commented: "We are delighted that DTMD is expanding its presence in Wiltz and once again demonstrating its commitment to the location. Prof. André Reuter, President of DTMD University, adds: "We are always amazed at how positively the Wiltz location is rated by our partners abroad. The somewhat less convenient accessibility is obviously more than compensated for by the special atmosphere of the castle, the inexpensive accommodation and catering facilities as well as the beautiful and relaxing landscape. The DTMD University would therefore definitely organise the final examinations and the graduation celebrations of its international part-time postgraduate master courses in the castle.