Research and Development

Applied Research at DTMD University

Within the framework of its European project of an internationally active university network of advanced training facilities and measures for digital technologies, the DTMD University, does not focus exclusively on teaching and the theoretical transfer of information and knowledge, but carries out applied research in the health care sector itself as well as with academic and non-academic partners. DTMD's research projects focus on the application of research results in selected areas of medicine and dentistry, hygiene, care as well as social and economic integration.

The DTMD University's applied research focuses on a number of areas:

  • Intangible and healthcare assets,
  • Assessment of the consequences of the use of technology in medicine and dentistry,
  • Networking and mobility in outpatient care through telematics and telemedicine,
  • Fleet planning and route optimization for care and emergency services as well as for medical personnel.

The students are directly involved in the research activities of the DTMD University through their empirical and clinical homework and master theses and are supported by the lecturers and doctors of the university.