The advanced training offer

New innovative digital technologies are being adopted and introduced in many areas of the health care system.  As digitalisation improves, the degree of virtualisation is automatically increasing in both teaching and research.  University courses and programmes throughout Europe are inadequately prepared for this.

The aim of DTMD is to offer postgraduate continuing education master courses in medicine and dentistry as well as special education and continuing education certificates for dental technicians. In addition, the DTMD University is intensively involved in the further training of nursing staff for mobile and stationary care. Digitalisation will also fundamentally change the working world in nursing. New technologies will open up new perspectives but will also redesign existing processes and fields of work.

As a university that deals specifically with innovative digital technologies in the healthcare sector, DTMD University takes a variety of measures in teaching and research to constructively design and advance the digitisation of medical structures and processes and to actively use the opportunities and challenges of digitisation for higher education.

The DTMD University's degree courses and courses promote the digitization of the health care system in all its breadth. They take into account the fact that evidence- and data-based computer medicine will significantly influence the future of medical teaching and research.

With the "shift from teaching to learning", DTMD University relies on a holistic understanding of competence based on participative formats. In addition to subject-specific knowledge and skills, the focus is on situational and personal skills that are consciously related to attitudes, emotions, values and motivations.

The postgraduate master programmes at DTMD University teach students not only specialist and solution skills (methods and treatment skills) but also advanced social skills (above all communication skills).

The DTMD University attaches great importance to scientific work and the handling of scientific concepts and methods and therefore provides for a systematically linked teaching of clinical and theoretical contents as well as practical hands-on training in all study programmes at an early stage.

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