Admission and recognition regulations

The recognition of achievements from the non-university sector or of knowledge and skills acquired in another course of study at domestic and foreign universities is legally anchored in the procedure of the qualifying recognition of acquired competences (VAE Validation des Acquis de l'Expérience).

The first step in a VAE recognition procedure is the assessment of competences by the examination commission of DTMD University.

Vocational and/or non-vocational skills and abilities can be the subject of a qualifying recognition of acquired competences according to the UAE procedure, provided that the training measures and/or professional activities have been either continuous or intermittent for at least 3 years (5,000 hours) and are related to the (new) Master of Science degree to be obtained at DTMD University.

Learning outcomes from formal, non-formal or informal learning processes can be taken into account. Informally acquired learning outcomes are generally credited by means of individual proof of competence, e.g. evaluation and/or assessment interviews.

Successfully completed curricular further education and training measures of the medical and dental chambers as well as other medical and dental professional and professional organisations can be recognised and credited according to the VAE procedure. In total, however, a maximum of 30% of the credits required for a Master's degree can be obtained via a recognition decision of the DTMD Examination Commission.

Further information on the VAE procedure can be obtained from the DTMD University Student Secretariat.