Master Programmes

Master Programmes

The DTMD University's portfolio includes the following Master's programs with the M.Sc. degree.

  • Implantologie und Parodontologie,
  • Kieferorthopädie,
  • Restaurative Zahnmedizin (Prothetik, Endodontologie, Zahnerhaltung),
  • Advanced Dentistry,
  • Orale Medizin und Alterszahnheilkunde,
  • Management und anwendungsorientierte Pflegewissenschaft,
  • Manuelle Medizin (Ärzte),
  • Manuelle Therapie (Physiotherapeuten),
  • Nuklearmedizinische Schmerztherapie,


DTMD requires a three-day internship in the master courses, which is mandatory and takes place in the accredited academic teaching practices of the university. Coordination is the responsibility of the respective course director, Vice Dean or Dean.
Supervision is "optional" and is carried out in the student's practice. Coordination is carried out by the head of the programme in the same way as in the case of observation.


The duration of the study

The course lasts 24 months, including the preparation of a Master's thesis. University preparatory work and curricular advanced training can be recognised under certain conditions and reduce the number of study modules. Further information on the DTMD University recognition procedure can be found at [hier]


Modulkatalog „Implantologie und Parodontologie“

The following is a catalogue of modules for a master's degree using the example of the master's program "Implantology and Periodontology".

The DTMD University distinguishes between three (3) types of modules:

B         Basis

S         specialisation

P         exam

and two types of modules

Pr        presence module

eL        eLearning-Module

In total, DTMD University Master's programmes involve a total workload of 3,000 hours and lead to 120 ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System).

The total workload is divided into attendance times (264 hours), self-study (1,266 hours) and practical work (1,478 hours) and documents the DTMD University's claim to organise its part-time studies very independently and practically.