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Name Master's programme in orthodontics
Academic degree Master of Science (MSc.)
Language Englisch or German
Duration 4 semesters
Modell Postgraduate part-time university studies
Graduation Master thesis and oral Colloquium
Number of modules see module overview
Dates & Events see date overview
requirements License to practise medicine and several years of professional experience
Costs € 28,000 in 4 installments at the latest 14 days before the start of the semester

DTMD University starts new "Master of Science Orthodontics (MSc.)" program

The ISO-certified Luxembourg-based DTMD University for Digital Technologies in Medicine and Dentistry, which is officially recognized by the state as “Institut de Formation Continue universitaire” and has its headquarters in Wiltz Castle, will offer its new degree program "Master of Science in Orthodontics" in English for the first time in the late autumn of 2019. Internationally renowned orthodontic specialists from the DTMD University are responsible as lecturers and teachers for the new master program. Registrations are possible now.

The world is becoming increasingly digital, as well as our lives are becoming increasingly digital. In order to take this development into account, the Luxembourg university not only consciously carries the term “digital” in its name, but also fills it with life in theory and practice. So far, digitalization has received little or no attention in basic dental subjects nor in orthodontics. However, digitalization has meanwhile arrived in orthodontics. And this will fundamentally change orthodontics as well as dentistry as a whole. Digital methods and tools promise a faster and more secure correction of dental malocclusions and a good part of the therapy will possible without the physical presence of the patient.

Especially in diagnostics and sustainable therapy planning, from the first admission to the end of treatment, digitalization is expanding to more and more areas of orthodontics and is well on the way to systematically encompassing the entire workflow.

The DTMD University will launch its new Master's program in Orthodontics (MSc.) in Poland and will soon be expanding it in Germany as well as in other countries of Eastern Europe and Asia. Numerous inquiries from home and abroad already received by the DTMD, prove that the university can count on an overwhelming interest. In addition to current developments in the field of orthodontics, the new Master's program also includes the periodontal-therapeutic, functional-therapeutic, periprosthetic and aesthetic treatment of adults.

With increasing digitalization and automated workflows, orthodontics is becoming the treatment of choice for (almost) any age, making it an important addition to the daily routine of treatment.

The DTMD has set itself the goal of opening up new perspectives for dentists by offering extra-occupational postgraduate studies with an academic degree as "Master of Science", updating their specialist competence with pinpoint accuracy and substantially expanding it. Orthodontics must be offered today in various indications in every dental practice.

The students are introduced step by step in theory and practice of orthodontics and they can immediately implement what they have learned in their own practice.

Significant added value

The new extra-occupational study program is of great benefit for every dentist as it significantly expands his treatment spectrum. Internationally recognized specialists with great professional and pedagogical expertise have developed a perfect study program, with successive modules and many practical exercises. This includes the digital treatment record, which brings enormous benefits for the doctor as well as for the patient, who gets a much better idea of his treatment.