Dr. Bernard C. Wolf

Dr. Bernard C. Wolf

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Dr. Wolf completed his dental studies 2007-2013 at the University of Economic Academy in Novi Sad, Faculty of Jaw and Dentistry, Pancevo – Serbia and received his doctorate in dentistry in 2014 as a doctor of dentistry, focus and diploma thesis on aesthetic and functional prosthetics, prosthetics-led implantology and digital therapy of (Cranio Mandibular dysfunction) CMD.

1997-2015 GF and Private Dental Center Head in the areas of:

– Dental specialist clinic with a focus on pediatric dentistry, orthodontics, prosthetics, implantology and CMD.

– Dental laboratory with a focus on functional and aesthetic prosthetics, telescopic, combination and implant-worn prosthetics, articulations and Okklusall principles systems, digital CMD diagnostics.

– Dental Depot with high quality consumables and equipment.

– Training center for dental assistance, dental technicians and dentists with various topics in the industry.

– Dental cosmetics and hygiene shops with all relevant medical products of the highest class.

2015 Equivalence procedure Doctor of Dentistry at Unic/Naric, local approval and admission as well as self-employment.

2019 Nostrification and equivalence procedure for the Dr.med.dent at the MEFST Faculty of Medicine of the University of Split, as well as local approval and admission for independent work.

2021 Implantology Training, Master Course for Implant Surgery and Prosthetics in the field of:

– Theoretical Qualification
– Implant Surgical Qualification
– Sinus Lift Qualification
– Implant Prostetics Qualification

to become a certified implantologist at the International Training Center for Dental Implantology IFZI GmbH.

Various certified further training in the field of:

– Surgical prosthetics and Epithetik
– Articulation systems and condyle center
– Flourapatite Glass-Ceramic d.SIGNers
– IPS Empress 2 and Eris for E2
– Aesthetic restorative minimally invasive treatment concepts
– Instrumental functional diagnostics CMD
– Simply Smarter Implantologie Skiplant III
– Piezourgery in oral surgery and implantology
– Surgical and prosthetic care of the T4 Switch Plus implant system
– Inovative Periodontal and Implantology Solutions in Modern Dental Practice

2022 Clinical Supervisor national and international for dental clinical consulting practice care in the field of conventional and guided (navigated pro guide) digitally planned implantology, digital scanning workflow and photodynamic laser therapy for modern and minimally invasive practice concepts.

2023 Human Cadaver Course at Surgical-Anatomic Training Center Charité Berlin.

International Instructor of IFZI Mastercourse in Implant Surgery and Prosthetics at the Phantom Training at the International Training Center for Dental Implantology IFZI GmbH.

2023 Lecturer at the University for Digital Technologies in Medicine and Dentistry (DTMD) Luxenburg.

Languages: German / Croatian / Englisch