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University for Digital Technologies in Medicine and Dentistry

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Welcome to DTMD University - the leading international provider of continuing education and degree programs in medicine, dentistry, and selected professional and administrative business disciplines. An international network of highly qualified professors and lecturers from European universities and university hospitals, scientific institutes, academic teaching practices and international professional societies ensures both competence and market presence for DTMD University.

DTMD University offers part-time students core master's degree and doctoral programs - from periodontics, implantology and orthodontics to dentomaxillofacial imaging, pediatric dentistry and manual medicine. In addition, there are the doctoral programs - Doctorate in Advance Medicine DAM and Doctorate in Business Administration DBA.

The goal of DTMD University is to ensure a supportive and collaborative learning environment that ensures the best possible educational and training options in medicine, dentistry, and technical focus areas of an advanced healthcare system. The focus is on theoretical fundamentals as well as application-specific skills and competencies.

Learn about DTMD's world-class continuing education resources here and by contacting us personally, and experience the difference in DTMD University's continuing education strategies and options. We are happy to support you in achieving your academic and professional ambitions and goals.


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