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Wiltz, September 2, 2021

DTMD University for Digital Technologies in Medicine and Dentistry became one of the first universities, if not the first European university, to be certified according to the new ISO 21001:2018 standard for educational organizations for the next three years.

The final audit stage 2 of the certification took place in the Knights Hall in Wiltz Castle at the headquarters of DTMD University. DeuZert Deutsche Zertifizierung in Bildung und Wirtschaft GmbH, in cooperation with the Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH (DAkkS) in Berlin, was in charge of the project. The certification is valid for all university levels of the European Qualifications Framework EQF from level 6 (Bachelor) up to and including level 8 (Doctorate/PhD).

Overall, DTMD University was rated "good" or better in all audited test areas. Conclusion of the certification agency: "The awareness of the management level related to the fulfillment of the requirements of the learners as well as the quality of the delivery of the educational services is very high."

The current information and knowledge economy requires a wide variety of training and learning opportunities, some of which are very specific. These clearly exceed the achievements of the formal education system of German and international universities and colleges. Above all, they require measures, methods, and instruments in the health care and nursing sectors that are directly relevant to practice and can be applied in practice. The new DIN-ISO 21001:2018 standard, released in February 2021, ensures international recognition and credibility for teachers and learners by ensuring minimum requirements for internationally agreed quality levels of learning services and activities.

Prof. Dr. André Reuter, President of DTMD University, who coordinated the certification activities of the private Luxembourg university: "Key benefits of the ISO 21001: 2018 certification are for DTMD University as well as for its in-service postgraduate students the international comparability of education management systems, the harmonization of global requirements for supply and demand of competences and knowledge, the independence of cultural, ethnic, religious, gender and system differences, the facilitation of resource exchange and above all the access to new experiences, competences and knowledge through new partnerships and a transnational knowledge transfer. "

The process-oriented management approach required by ISO 21001:2018 focuses on learning transfer (outcome orientation), improved communication channels between interested parties, and employee understanding of "social responsibility skills", i.e., social responsibility competencies and capabilities. To this end, the provider of (continuing) education measures and programs must disclose and explain the relationships between the mission, strategy, policy, goals and vision of its offering.

The management principles defined by the DIN ISO 21001 standard include visionary procedural leadership with fact-based decisions, a focus on learners, high standards of ethical behavior, social responsibility, and accessibility and equity, as well as data protection and security.

DTMD University is now allowed to use the new ISO logo.