Periodontology and implantology

The most important information about the program at a glance

Name Periodontology and implantology
Academic degree Master of Science (MSc)
Language German or English
Duration 4 semesters
Credit Points 120 Credit Points (CP) according to ECTS (European Credit Transfer System)
Model Part-time postgraduate university study program
Degree Master thesis and oral colloquium
Number of modules 14
Start / Place of study Q2 2023 Germany (German)
April 2024 Germany (German)
WiSE 2023 East European (Englisch)
Admission requirements License to practice medicine and several years of professional experience
Tuition The course costs between €29,800 - €31,000, depending on the study location where the course is held.
Payment modalities Single payment or 4 partial payments

About the program

The two-year master's program "Periodontology and Implantology" offers licensed dental professionals the opportunity to expand and deepen their knowledge and practical skills in the field of periodontology and implant therapy.

Building on current knowledge in periodontology and implantology, systematic and evidence-based treatment planning as well as hands-on training of minimally invasive and microsurgical techniques form the special focus of the training.

Integrated into the curriculum are, above all, prosthetic planning and treatment in an interdisciplinary workflow.

Implants in periodontally diseased teeth represent an important treatment option. Therefore, the management of peri-implant diseases is a fundamental part of the study.

The aim is to expand competencies and skills in the entire treatment spectrum of periodontology and implantology and to successfully treat interdisciplinary complexes.

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