Implant Care Specialist (IPS)

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The most important information about the “Implant Care Specialist (IPS)” course

Name Implant Care Specialist (IPS)
Model Certificate course
Target group Dentists, orthodontists, assistant dentists
Language German
Duration 7 hours
Number of modules 1
Structure Day course
Course organization Haranni Academy
Course times 10:00 to 17:00
Admission requirements ZFA
Tuition 452,20 €
Payment modalities One-time payment, due upon booking
Feature This qualification is carried out in cooperation with the Aktionsbündnis gesundes Implantat and the University for Digital Technologies in Medicine and Dentistry Luxembourg (DTMD) in addition to the existing, established advanced training courses. This course qualifies you as an Implant Care Specialist (IPS) with a corresponding certificate.

Course content

The optimal care of implants in prophylaxis is becoming increasingly important as patients appreciate the comfort of fixed and removable dentures on implants. This course offers an up-to-date and scientifically sound insight into the cleaning of implants and trains the participants' practical skills.

Contents of the course

The course includes the following topics and practical exercises:

  • Periodontal and peri-implant structures and inflammation: Understanding periodontal and peri-implant anatomy and inflammatory processes.
  • Peri-implant diagnostics: Methods for diagnosing implant problems.
  • Prophylactic measures: Effective prophylactic approaches to implant care.
  • Patient education and motivation for implant care at home: Patient communication and motivation for successful home implant care.
  • Mucositis versus peri-implantitis: Differentiation between mucositis and peri-implantitis and their treatment.
  • Materials, devices and instruments: Use of suitable materials, devices and instruments for implant care.
  • Risk factors, smoking & smoking cessation: Recognize risk factors and strategies for smoking cessation.
  • Therapy concepts: Practical approaches to treating implant-associated problems.
  • Professional implant care - integration into everyday prophylaxis: Integration of professional implant care into everyday prosthetic practice.
  • Brochures for patient education: Creation and use of information materials for patient education.
  • Case presentations: Presentation and analysis of case studies from practice.
  • Discussion: Interactive discussion of specialist topics and exchange of experiences.
  • Presentation of certificate: Completion and handover of certificate to the Implant Care Specialist qualification.

Course objectives

The Implant Care Specialist (IPS) qualification aims to provide participants with up-to-date theoretical knowledge in the field of implant care and to train their manual skills depending on their previous knowledge. This trains specialized and motivated experts who are able to carry out implant care competently.