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Kieferorthopädischer ALIGNER

The most important information about the "Orthodontic ALIGNER" course

Name Orthodontic ALIGNER
Model Certificate course
Target group Dentists, orthodontists, assistant dentists
Language German
Duration 8-10 months
Number of modules 4
Structure 4 x 2 days
Course organization DTMD University Wiltz Castle,
The location of the classroom courses will be announced in due course depending on the number of participants (Mainz, Luxembourg).
Course times Friday 09:00 - 18:00
Saturday 08:00 - 16:00
Admission requirements Dental license
Tuition € 5.400 + 3% (TVA)
Payment modalities One-time payment, due upon booking
Feature The Certificate Course Orthodontic ALIGNER is creditable towards the Master (MSc) Orthodontics at DTMD University (3 basic modules).


To ensure that our course graduates always remain up to date, our courses are continuously updated. For this reason, we are pleased to offer our graduates the opportunity to take the course series again at a discounted price.
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KFO Aligner therapy under the aspects of: Sleep, function/occlusion and esthetics.

Aligners are firmly established in orthodontics and the treatment options have greatly expanded. Today, this orthodontic treatment with aligners can be usefully integrated into any dental practice.
The key question in orthodontics is: where can and should the teeth be moved to? This question will be answered in detail in the course series and all aspects important for this will be highlighted.

The necessary basic knowledge from orthodontics, new findings from sleep medicine, occlusion/function and esthetics are taught in the course.

Especially the findings from sleep medicine, in particular sleep-related breathing disorders (S3 guideline 'Non-restorative sleep/sleep disorders') show that the tongue and the tongue area are of great importance during the growth and development phase and in every phase of life.

This has decisively changed diagnostics and therapy in orthodontics.

Strong attention has been given to myofunctional therapy, which plays a key role in training the muscles and tongue both in the growth/developmental phase and in the adult.
The goal of the course series:

  • You will learn which findings are to be collected for aligner therapy:
  • They can use these findings to determine a diagnosis and, from that, treatment options.
  • You will learn to define exact specifications for the clincheck.
  • You will learn to evaluate and correct the clincheck.

Course content

  • The basic knowledge from orthodontics.
  • Elicit the findings from the sleep analysis and what they mean for aligner therapy.
  • The current status in function/occlusion and the significance for tooth positions.
  • All relevant aesthetic parameters.
  • The importance of myofunctional therapy and its implementation.
  • Indication: When brackets? When aligners?
  • Implementation of aligner therapy with attachments, possible approximal enamel reduction and retention.

Lecturers of this course