Intensive Course – Certified Prophylaxis Assistance (PAss)

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Key Information About the Course "Intensive Course - Certified Prophylaxis Assistance (PAss)"

Name Intensive Course - Certified Prophylaxis Assistance (PAss)
Model Certificate course
Target group Dental Assistant (ZAH) or Dental Medical Assistant (ZFA)
Language German
Duration 6-8 weeks
Number of modules 5
Structure 2 x 2,5 days
Course organization HARANNI academy
Course times Friday & Saturday 08:30 AM – 4:30 PM
Sunday 08:30 AM – 12:30 PM
Admission requirements Successfully passed final examination as a Dental Assistant (ZAH) or Dental Medical Assistant (ZFA).
Tuition 1.310 € + 3% TVA
Payment modalities Booking is done directly through our affiliated institute, HARANNI Academy.
Feature As a participant, you will receive access to the DTMD online learning platform. Upon successful completion and certification, you will receive 2 ECTS credits from DTMD University, which can be credited towards further education at HARANNI Academy and DTMD University.

Course content

Do you have a qualified professional training as a Dental Assistant (ZAH) or Dental Medical Assistant (ZFA) and have discovered a passion for prophylaxis? Then start your career now and become a certified prophylaxis assistant in just 3 x 2.5 days, consisting of theory and practice!

After successfully completing the intensive course, you will be able to deal with patients in PSI categories 0 to 2 (healthy periodontium) in accordance with Section 1 of the Dentistry Act (ZHG) as a prophylaxis assistant.

The intensive course is run in collaboration with the University for Digital Technologies in Medicine and Dentistry Luxembourg (DTMD). The successfully completed intensive course to become a “Prophylaxis Assistant” (PAss) is a high-quality qualification with which you can start your prophylaxis career.

Practical contents

Supragingival instrumentation using an ultrasonic device on a phantom head model
Exercises for supragingival scaling with universal scaler and universal curette on a phantom head model
Smooth surface polishing on the phantom head model
Sharpening scalers, curettes, sharp spoons and raspatories

Module 1: Oral health inspection

  • General health
  • Oral health
  • The oral hygiene instruction
  • The dental cleaning procedure

Module 2: Oral diseases and their diagnosis

  • Biofilm, caries, gingivitis and periodontitis
  • Indices - red on white
  • Patient motivation

Module 3: Dental health and nutrition

  • Nutritional guidance
  • Fluorides
  • Instrumentology
  • Practical exercises

Module 4: Patients and care groups

  • Pregnant women, children, adults
  • Implant patients
  • Halitosis patients

Module 5: revision and examination

  • Practical exercises
  • Repetition and summary
  • Final examination

Please bring the following with you for your PASS course:

  • Work clothes (please do not wear street clothes) and closed shoes, safety goggles
  • Vocabulary booklet for terminology
  • Writing utensils including one blue and one red colored pencil
  • Blunt instruments such as universal scalers, universal curettes, sharp spoons, raspatories for sharpening
  • Internet-enabled cell phone, tablet or laptop
  • You are responsible for your own physical well-being