Digital dentistry and implant prosthetics

Parodontologie und Implantologie

The most important information about the "Digital Dentistry and Implant Prosthetics" course

NameDigital dentistry and implant prosthetics
ModelCertificate course
Target groupDentists, assistant dentists, dental technicians
Duration5 months
Number of modules3
Course organizationDTMD University Wiltz Castle
Course timesFriday 14.00 - 20.00
Saturday 9.00 - 16.00
Admission requirementsDental license, journeyman's certificate in dental technology
Tuition€ 3.499
Payment modalitiesOne-time payment, due upon booking

Digitization in dentistry

Digitization does not stop at the everyday work of dentists' practices. Where are technical developments in dentistry taking us? The digital transformation is in full swing, but which trends will shape the dental future? We look at innovations and future technical standards - at topics such as AI in diagnostics, at trends such as increasing networking (IoT) and at the fundamental change that is coming to the "dental practice enterprise". Digital manufacturing in dentistry has become established. Hardly any practice or laboratory works without CAD/CAM-manufactured components these days. CAD/CAM milling and 3D printers are common manufacturing technologies that dental labs in particular are using to drive digital transformation. The trend of the future here: The networking of devices in the process chain, the "Internet of Things" (IoT). The aim of this "basic course" is to enable you to directly apply your knowledge in practice, an optimal prosthetic restoration of implant patients. In the modular structure, participants learn to master the interaction between medical and constructive influencing variables in implantology. From implant planning as a team to fabrication of a provisional restoration and the functional aspects of the definitive work, all areas are covered in detail.

They start directly with their own cases!

Modules and contents

  • Module I: Module A - Digital dentistry, intraoral scan, function
  • Module II: Module B - Smile Visualization- Implant Planning and Preparation
  • Module III: Module C - Digital dentures

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