Digital dentistry and implant prosthetics

The most important information about the "Digital Dentistry and Implant Prosthetics" course

Name Digital dentistry and implant prosthetics
Model Certificate course
Target group Dentists, assistant dentists, dental technicians
Language German
Duration 5 months
Number of modules 3
Course organization DTMD University Wiltz Castle
Course times Friday 14.00 - 20.00
Saturday 9.00 - 16.00
Admission requirements Dental license, journeyman's certificate in dental technology
Tuition 3.499 €
Payment modalities One-time payment, due upon booking

Course content

Digitalization is increasingly finding its way into the day-to-day work of dental practices. This course therefore deals with future developments in dentistry, implant prosthetics and the digital transformation that is significantly influencing the dental industry.
The focus is on innovations and emerging technical standards as well as the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in diagnostics. Increasing connectivity (Internet of Things, IoT) and the fundamental changes in dental practices also play an important role.
The course also highlights the importance of digital manufacturing, CAD/CAM technologies and 3D printing processes in dentistry.

Why a course in digital dentistry and implant prosthetics?

The digital revolution in dentistry offers numerous opportunities and challenges. Studying this discipline enables students to position themselves in a future-oriented industry and familiarize themselves with the latest technologies and trends.
The skills and knowledge acquired in the areas of AI, IoT, CAD/CAM and more are invaluable for professional development in dentistry.
The course offers the opportunity to be at the forefront of this digital revolution in dentistry.

Contents of the course

The foundation course provides students with practice-oriented knowledge. This enables students to optimize the prosthetic restoration of implant patients. The interactions between medical and constructive influencing factors in implantology are taught in a modular structure.
This includes teamwork in implant planning as well as the fabrication of temporary restorations and the consideration of functional aspects in the final restoration.
All relevant areas of implantology are covered in detail in order to provide students with a comprehensive qualification in this pioneering field.
You can start working on your own cases straight away!

Modules and contents

The following modules are part of the "Digital Dentistry and Implant Prosthetics" certificate course at DTMD University:

  • Module I: Module A - Digital dentistry, intraoral scan, function
  • Module II: Module B - Smile Visualization, Implant Planning and Preparation
  • Module III: Module C - Digital dentures

Lecturers of this course