Prof. Dr. André Reuter


The President determines the strategic orientation of the university and its implementation in teaching and research and is thus also responsible for quality management and quality assurance of the academic teaching and research processes as well as the examination system of the university. He is responsible for public relations at DTMD University.

As Chairman of the University's Appointments Committee, it is his task, in consultation with the Dean, to ensure the transparent and high-quality provision of resources for teaching and research (full-time professors, part-time professors and lecturers, extra-professional professors, academic staff).

Prof. Dr. Ralf Rössler


The Dean of DTMD University is responsible for the study and research operations of DTMD University. As Administrative Director, he is also responsible for the university's employer function, has disciplinary responsibility for the employees, decides on questions of budget management and resource management and is responsible for the organisational implementation of the university's budget.He drafts and conceives new study programmes and curricula in consultation with his Vice Deans. This also includes the recruitment of highly qualified lecturers. As Chairman of the Examination Office, he is responsible for the quality and proper conduct of university examinations.

Prof. Dr. Daniel Grubeanu


The Vice Dean "Teaching and Innovation Management" organises, controls and is responsible for the postgraduate Master's studies at DTMD University in North Africa, the United Emirates, India and Thailand. It has the right to supervise and instruct the students in the proper performance of the associated official duties in teaching, supervision and examination.

His activities range from the clarification of fundamental questions of university policy and the perspective planning of postgraduate study programmes to official matters and personal questions of the members of the faculty.

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